New publication: Julius and the Magic Ears
A book about the fascination of hearing

A book with lots of adventures, fantasy and sensuality with a focus on hearing, our most important sense.

We live in a visually dominated world, where the importance of hearing is often underestimated. This is what the author, Barbara Michaela Muench, would like to emphasize. Of course this book also addresses the visual, as it is decorated with the author’s drawings and a colorful cover illustration. Finally both senses, hearing and vision, become equally important. This is expressed in the book when two characters are even able to hear colors in very special moments.

Together with the mysterious cat Cleo, Julius finds magic ears which give him special hearing abilities. He learns about the kidnapping of the bird princess Lililea, who was captured by a dark force in the twilight world. Julius bravely embarks on an adventurous journey through a world full of magic and fantasy, accompanied by a small imp. Will he succeed in freeing the princess and restoring the balance between good and evil in Dreamland? This book is primarily for children but will also capture the hearts of adults who like to indulge themselves in imaginations. It is an invitation to an extraordinary journey where hearing and listening -and especially the enjoyment of hearing- play a most significant role.

Published on 18 October 2018
ISBN: 978-3-906025-98-8 Paperback, 166 pages
CHF 19.50 / EUR 18.50 / $ 20.00 + shipping costs


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